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  • GOOD NEWS!!!! Our new lowers are in stock!The new receivers still meet the requirements of the ATF and are not "guns". The fire control area is solid and the buyer must complete the receiver in order to be "the maker." Lowers in the white AND Anodized lowers are available NOW. Exercise YOUR RIGHTS to build your own AR 15 with our HPS RECEIVERS, ANODIZED RECEIVERS AND KITS MADE IN THE USA!
    BUY PRODUCTS from AR 15 Plus. COMING SOON--THE ORIGINAL "GOLDEN GUN" CAST AR15 60% LOWER IN Silicon BRONZE!!!!!! 1911 80% frames are being heat treated and machined.We have made some changes that will improve our frames and we now have a jig for completing them. These are coming out of production 4-5 at a time and we are shipping pre orders as we get the product. Order yours today!!!!!
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  • New partially machined lowers are now in stock. Lowers in the white and Anodized are available NOW.Exercise YOUR RIGHTS to build your own AR 15 with our HPS RECEIVERS, ANODIZED RECEIVERS AND KITS MADE IN THE USA!
  • WATCH THE SITE FOR THE RETURN OF THE "GOLDEN GUN" 60% AR15 LOWER CAST IN Silicon BRONZE. 1911 80% receivers are in process Watch the website for shipping status. We have made changes that should improve the frame, and we now have a jig to complete them. We are shipping the pre orders as we receive product. Order yours now. SOON TO COME: KITS for the 1911 with frames, jig, instructions, blueprints, and drill bits. WATCH THE WEBSITE!!!! Each Business Center will assist you regarding your situation and help you select the product to fit your needs. If you have a question or suggestion - Send us an email- vidarica@safetysend.com - You will always get an answer!
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    • Here is where to get your ar 15 lower receiver 80%,80 ar 15 receiver, 80 receiver,95% ar15 lower receiver, 90% ar15 receiver, 80% finished receiver, lower receiver and A-2 uppers.
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